I really can’t understate how big of a role Kasia played in making the pregnancy and birth experience a success.

First, some quick background on us. My wife asks TONS of questions about everything and won’t feel satisfied until she’s researched the entire internet. Add in some distrust of medical professionals and she can be a tough customer. We were “fired” from our first OB at 26 weeks because the OB felt it wasn’t a good fit. Finding a doula wasn’t a top priority at first, so after meeting with a few doulas that we didn’t click with, we put the idea on the backburner. We randomly found Kasia online, fairly late in the process (~35 weeks). We set up a skype call, and after talking, we knew we had found a doula that genuinely loved her job, was caring, extremely knowledgeable, and to be honest, fun to hang out with.

As she was getting close to full term (~35 weeks), my wife was having serious doubts about her new OB and the hospital we were set to deliver in. She was stressed about the fit, but felt a little stuck given how close to the finish line we were. Kasia encouraged my wife to continue to explore different options. Despite being late in the pregnancy, Kasia preached patience and helped us find a great mid-wife in a hospital that was essentially like a birthing center. In hindsight, it was an absolutely great call – much more in line with what my wife was looking for.

During labor, Kasia was supportive, helpful, and caring. As a result of having many conversations with my wife and I ahead of time, Kasia knew exactly what we were looking for and helped guide the labor process consistent with those wishes. My wife wanted birth to be as natural as possible, and Kasia helped keep her focused on her priorities. She kept cool and helped create a great environment to bring our baby into the world.

After the birth, Kasia has continued to be a valuable resource, helping us find a pediatrician who perfectly fits our needs. She was also particularly helpful with regard to giving advice on breastfeeding.

As the husband, I can honestly say that before my wife was pregnant I had never heard of the concept of a doula. Having gone through the process now, I really can’t understate how critical Kasia’s role was. She gave my wife some very badly needed peace of mind. Having someone that she could completely trust was huge. Pregnancy is a stressful and disorienting time, and Kasia was an invaluable resource and friend to my wife from pregnancy, to labor, to post-partum. She consistently went above and beyond expectations. Through phone conversations, texts, and in-person meetings, Kasia calmed, advised, and educated my wife with her expertise, positive energy and genuine enjoyment of her work.
— Seth W.
I cannot imagine my birth being anything different than what it was all due to Kasia’s calm and soothing presence. I strongly believe that I am one of the minority women who experienced a positive birth that I strongly desired (all natural with no interventions of any kind in a hospital setting) due to Kasia’s help, care and encouragement. She took amazing care of me during my labor, was very responsive when I called her to come on a short notice when I went into labor and gave me strength through it all and in my biggest moments of weakness. There are no words that can describe how grateful I am to have met her and had her by my side during that time.
Not only was she amazing during the labor and birthing process but she has proven invaluable and given me attention and support postpartum with follow up phone calls, visit, breastfeeding support and words of encouragement that I am doing fine. She feels like a long known friend that I can turn to about any of my concerns or needs or just to listen to. I can’t wait to have her as my doula again with baby number 2 when the time comes! Thank you for all the love and support Kasia!
— Sandra P.
Kasia saved my natural birth.

I thought I had done everything right. I had: a midwife in a “low intervention” Obstetrics practice, chosen a hospital with a Birthing Center, taken prenatal yoga classes, and gone to birthing classes with my husband. Turns out the most important thing I did was ask Kasia to be my doula. Kasia was great. She was eager to educate us in the weeks leading up to my due date. She gave us DVDs to watch, books to read, and we discussed pain management strategies and practiced positions at home. She also wanted to participate in our birth, but only as much as we wanted her to. Kasia helped us put together our birth plan - both A and B (in case things didn’t go as hoped).

On the big day, Kasia and I worked through the early stages of labor together in my apt. She was extremely attentive, even picking up on my non-verbal cues, and when it was time, helped us get to the hospital. To our horror, they wouldn’t admit me to the Birthing Center since I was only 5 or 6 cm dilated. As fate would have it, my midwife wasn’t on call and the “low intervention” Obstetrician, said I was too weak, wouldn’t make it, and recommended I get an epidural.

While my husband ran interference with the doctor, Kasia concentrated on me. She calmly huddled with me, giving me encouragement, while we breathed through each contraction as best we could. In my darkest moment, when I started to doubt myself, she didn’t waiver. She reminded me that I could do it — that I was doing it — and that I was in control of my own birth. Her devotion and positive words allowed me to focus on my labor and my baby.

Four and a half hours after I entered the hospital, with Kasia’s staunch support, my daughter was born naturally. Had Kasia not been my doula, I would probably be telling a very different story. I can’t recommend her enough.
— Hazel G.
God saved me and my baby through Kasia !!!
I didn’t plan on having a doula for my first delivery but I called Kasia in emergency as the doctors wanted me to get a cesarean section !!! After about 16 hours of labor I wasn’t dilating..
I will never forget her help, it made me and the baby go through this very difficult and painful and long labor.. It eased the pain, made me relax and gave me strength, and made me dilate pretty fast !
I would never have thought that something else that drugs could ease contraction pain.. Lol
Without her, I know I would have given up.. And just have got the cesarean section..
She made me believe in myself for the first time in my life. She is full of love and passion.
I’m glad God sent me Kasia, and not just any doula, that day...
I will never forget her and will definitely call her for my next baby :-) but this time no hospital, no doctors, and no stress ;-)
Thank you Kasia, I owe you a lot !
Ps: thank you for the pictures.. And for the postpartum support as well, you are truly amazing, I will tell baby Hannah about you but I’m sure she will know you :-)
— Sarah N.
Kasia is a fantastic doula. She’s reliable, strong, compassionate and an excellent communicator. Her extensive experience meant a lot to me.
I had a very long and painful labor at home for a planned home birth, followed by a transfer to a hospital. Early in the labor we called Kasia and she came and provided much needed physical and emotional support. Over the several days of my labor and into the transfer to the hospital Kasia dedicated many many hours, many shifts, and an incredible amount of energy to helping me. Her level of commitment and generosity was amazing and inspiring. She came with us to the hospital and saw us through this long journey. I will always be grateful for Kasia’s support during my labor.
— A.J.
Kasia was so amazing. I often tell people who ask me about my birth that I could never have done it without my doula and I mean it! I was induced and spent 3 days laboring in the hospital and she was so supportive emotionally, physically, and logistically. After I gave birth she came over and gave us even more support post-partum. She is truly a gem and I highly recommend her to any expecting mother!
— Sivan K.
Kasia is a wonderful doula and I am happy to recommend her to anyone who is looking for caring, kind, sweet, compassionate and very knowledgeable doula. Prior to birth she made sure we are on the same page on EVERYTHING regarding birth process. Thanx to her questionaire, I was able to set my preferences, verbalize wishes and concerns, and find main blocks and fears about labor as well as strengths to cope with them. Kasia offered so many pain management tools, that i not only wasn’t afraid of labor any longer, rather felt excited about it!

When the anticipated day came, Kasia came just like we agreed, when I felt I needed her. It was early morning , and the pain was too much to deal on own. Her peaceful confident presence, compasionate calming eyes, soothing voice made me relax and tune into my body, mother nature and baby who was gonna get born so soon.I leaned against her, she massaged my shoulders, we swayed together, I repeated affirmations after her, visualised positive images she offered, groaned and moaned- again together- all of the above eased my pain tremendously and empowered me both physically and spiritually. If it were not for Kasia, I honestly do not know how I would survive transition at all.

When we got to birth center, I was not surprised to hear I was 10 cm dialated.Pushing was easy, and thanx to Kasia’s support, the baby was born within half hour. Though there appeared to be vaginal hematoma after birth and hospital transfer was needed, Kasia stayed by my side all the time warming me with her smile and kind words. She was patient and loving, and very real.

She visited us after birth, and called a few times to check on me and my little angel. If I need advice, she is one of the those i may call any time!

I was very happy to work with her and hope you will be too)
— Inna F.
Kasia was our doula last year and she was wonderful! From the moment we met her we knew that she would bring peace and help us to recenter ourselves during what can be chaotic both in pregnancy and in childbirth. She helped us ask the right questions and she was a wonderful support throughout the process. We felt so lucky to have her with us and are eternally grateful for the loving environment she helped us create for our little one!
— Gayla J.
Kasia is super gentle and strong, she helped me cope with my very fast delivery. Her presence and guidance where a life saver when I dilated from 6 centimeters to the pushing phase in less that 30 minutes! I was in complete chaos and scared. Kasia helped me try to find my center and to relax a bit. My delivery was too fast and I felt scared because I wasn’t in control of my body wanting to just push.

Kasia helped me remember to keep breathing, she kept talking to me calmly and had me focus on looking at her so I can toon out the rush of the delivery room team that weren’t ready for me and the baby that was coming out so fast.

I delivered a healthy baby in 1 hour! And I’m so thankful she was there as our doula. Her aura was exactly what I needed in that moment.

After the delivery Kasia was with me and my family until I felt calmer and stronger. I’d highly recommend her to any family that needs a doula.
— Yami D.
Kasia was a natural match for us. In all the stages of her role as our doula; she was very attentive, informative, and empathetic. She possessed a positive and uplifting energy that carried us through our difficult labor and delivery. We couldn’t have been happier with our choice. As an added benefit, she was able to capture beautiful photos for us as well. My husband and I are extremely grateful to have worked with Kasia.
— Meyly B.
Kasia was amazing! When we first met her we knew she was exactly what we were looking for. I labored for about 3+ days and she helped coach and support my husband and I. At home and at the hospital, her techniques were very soothing and kept me very focused. Although, I ended up with an unplanned c-section, Kasia was very supportive through the whole process. I was very hard on myself since this was not my plan, but Kasia reminded me that the end goal was a healthy baby and a healthy mommy and that I could not have tried any harder. Speaking to her after my birth was very helpful since I was very down on myself for not birthing naturally. My husband and I are extremely grateful to have worked with Kasia.
— Carol N.
Kasia understands that being a Doula is more than just coaching you through your birthing process. It also means being a voice for you. Doctors can be intimidating and it’s hard to give push back and stick your birthing plan when they talk about “doing what’s best for your baby.” Kasia was my voice she believed in my birthing plan and did not allow me to be intimidated by the impatient doctor who was trying to push pitocin on me (I heard one of the nurses say her shift was over at 7 and she wanted me to have the baby before then). She kept reminding me my rights as a patient and help guide the conversation with the doctor. I strongly believe I would not have had the beautiful birthing experience I did with out her. Thank you Kasia!!!!
— Veridiana M.
From a husband & father’s perspective in having Kasia as our Doula, she was amazing. My wife and I had the privilege of being the first to take advantage of her great skills as a Doula.

We were having our first child and we were pretty nervous. Kasia gave us great direction and informed us on many things that we didn’t know. She was always available and always carried herself in a warm and friendly way.

She helped us develop a game plan and that helped us feel like we had more control over our birth and that we just weren’t relying on what a doctor would say. We had an amazing birthing experience, one that we will never forget. Kasia had our backs from beginning to end and we’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to have her with us every step of the way.

I will always recommend her to any expecting family because she’ll always have your best interest at heart. We have a healthy baby girl who’s about to turn one and she’s brought so much joy into our lives.

Thank you Kasia for helping us through that moment in our lives. I tried my best to not show I was nervous but I thank you for helping me out with those nerves because I can only imagine how I would have been. Keep doing what you’re doing because any family would be blessed to have you as their Doula.
— Miguel G.
Kasia did a fantastic job supporting me during my pregnancy, labor and delivery. She went above and beyond me and my husband’s expectations with face-to-face meetings as well as Skype calls (when we were all on vacation) in order to really get to know me and our family. She also spent time with my midwife well ahead of my due date so that the two were aligned and comfortable with each other in preparation for my birth.

As a yoga teacher it was important for me to have a doula who could incorporate yoga teachings, mantras and essential oils that are of meaning to me into my labor. Kasia, being a yoga teacher herself, incorporated these wishes into my labor. I believe her soft touch and skillful communication skills allowed me to have a beautiful, non-medicated homebirth.

I would highly recommend Kasia, regardless of the type of birth you may be seeking.
— Leah M.
Kasia was like a mother to me. She gave me so much information about labor, birth and beyond during our prenatal visits, labor itself and postpartum period. She left everything in the middle of the night to join me during my labor and to stay by my side. Her support was of such a relief to me. I would recommend her to every pregnant woman because SHE IS like a MOTHER. I am so grateful for everything she has done for me
— Meimouna W.
Working with Kasia was wonderful! She was very knowledgable in natural birthing techniques including breathing exercises and healthy eating. I was able to deliver my baby naturally without any medication and it was mainly thanks to Kasia. She made me feel at ease. Kasia is very patient and kind and was a pleasure to work with!
— Christina G.