We often diligently prepare for the birth, by taking classes, reading tones of books, watching birth related documentaries and even videos of live births. We feel empowered and ready for THAT day.

Meeting our baby sounds nothing BUT EXCITEMENT & JOY! And it will be that...  PLUS a bunch of other stuff.



We used to live in communities. Our moms, aunts, cousins, sisters, neighbors were around to support us during this vulnerable times.

We would not feel alone.

We could take a shower and brush our teeth in the morning without stressing out about the baby.

Somebody would cook for us.

Somebody will support us with breastfeeding.

Somebody will take care of other chores.

Somebody will laugh with us.


We moved to the cities. Left our communities behind.

For those giving birth at a hospital, you come back home after 2-3 days of some kind of care (better or worse) depending on a hospital, with a newborn baby, with your partner who knows as much as you and is equally overwhelmed by his new role. And there is no one else. No one is checking on you guys. You're asked to come back for a check up in 6 weeks You're receiving a lot of "Congratulations" notes and the baby is adorable. The hormonal shift hits you though. You may or might not be fully satisfied with your birth experience. The breastfeeding is more or less challenging. Baby is crying a lot. You have thousands questions in your head. And you feel like there are thousands things to do or the smallest things take an humongous effort to accomplish (like taking a shower). No one is truly asking how you're doing emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You feel like it's you. Something is wrong with you. IT'S A LOT! and hey! It's NOT you. 

The possibility is also that you're actually doing pretty well, but you know that something is missing. Your female companions that your mom and grandma used to have are not there.


If any of the above sounds like your current reality. Call me.

  • Let me listen to your birth story without judgement or comment. Just pure love.
  • Let me cook for you and nourish your body.
  • Let me attend to your baby when you take a shower and brush our teeth.
  • Let's talk about all things baby, motherhood, relationships, sex and more.
  • Let me answer your questions and provide you with non biased spectrum of information for you to choose what's right for you.
  • Let me remind you that YOU KNOW.
  • Let me take care of things around the house just the way your mom would do.
  • Let's heal.
  • And let's laugh.