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BioGeometry: A Natural Energy Solution for Modern Problems

  • Naam Yoga New York 141 W 72nd St New York, NY, 10023 United States (map)

BioGeometry: A Natural Energy Solution for Modern Problems

In a perfectly balanced world, the earth, our homes, work environments and our bodies would maintain a proper energy-quality identity, and the correct balance of polarity. Unfortunately, we do not live in a balanced world. The electricity that powers our increasingly “wired” planet and the rapid spread of cell towers, WiFi and other modern technological and architectural conveniences, have created energy interactions that disturb and create imbalances in the environment and our bodies. The effects are subtle, but noticeable. In fact, many of our modern diseases and energy imbalances can be traced back to the effects of these energy disturbances.


BioGeometry offers solutions that create harmony and balance.

Join Jean Chuang Menges, as she explores and discusses the role of natural energy systems, the negative effects of electricity and other energy stressors, and how the principles of BioGeometry are being used to effect change in architecture, telecom networks, industrial design, and health systems. She will also demonstrate how we can use the principles and solutions of BioGeometry in our daily lives.


Jean Menges

About Guest Speaker:

Jean Chuang Menges, MS, L.Ac, Adv CBP, is the founder of Wisdom House New York, Inc. in New York City, a holistic and integrative center that provides individualized services aimed at optimizing health and well-being. A skilled practitioner in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and BodyTalk, Jean holds dual Bachelor degrees in Medical Technology and Biology and a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Jean has also had extensive training and experience in bioenergetic healing.

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